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PaymentsPayments are crucial to the world’s economy. Secure and reliable payments are a must. However, today’s pace of life demands convenience, choice of delivery channel, cost reduction, etc. – everything that allows to make any payment, anywhere, at any time.

TranzWare products offer an extensive range of customer payments and channels capable of satisfying demands of even the most fastidious bank customers.

TranzWare supports P2P payments based on payment system specifications. The technology allows to transfer funds to a person with a Visa or MasterCard anywhere in the world in a quick, secure and convenient manner.

TranzWare Card Management System is also equipped with the following payment features:

  • Multiple payment types
    • One-off
    • Periodic
    • Deferred
    • Predefined (scheduled)
    • Arbitrary (free)
    • E-payments
    • Cash-based payments
    • And more
  • Funds transfer processing
  • Standing orders
  • Payments by direct debit
  • Public vendor (public utility companies, phone/mobile phone companies, satellite/cable TV companies, tax authorities, etc) database management
  • Prepaid vendors database management
  • Personal payment information management

TranzWare supports an extensive number of payments through all widely used payment channels:

  • Bank tellers
  • ATMs, e-kiosks and POS terminals
  • Landline and mobile phones
  • The Internet

For more information on payments functionality offered by TranzWare product family, please contact us.

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