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atm_managementSince the introduction of the ATM nearly 60 years ago, it has become arguably one of the most valuable channels for financial institutions to interact with their customers. Brought into production due to the convenience of being able to offer banking services, primarily cash withdrawals, around the clock, the ATM has grown into a multipurpose channel with so much more to offer. From making bill payments at the ATM to issuing virtual prepaid cards, this channel is one of the most innovative and is often under-utilized in terms of the potential services it can offer cardholders.

Compass Plus offers a complete ATM management solution that can be deployed and configured to meet the business requirements of any financial institution, from a single bank to a processing centre providing reliable ATM management and settlement services to numerous other institutions.

The TranzWare ATM Management solution can help financial institutions turn a network of cash dispensers into a secure, lucrative customer relationship tool with a broad product offering, maximizing customer retention and loyalty. Revolutionizing the way a financial institution interacts with customers at ATMs, the solution not only offers a more personalized service for cardholders, but provides financial institutions with extensive cross-selling opportunities with the capability of attracting competitor customers. The solution manages and supports a wide range of devices, interfaces, and transaction types, and provides high availability, fault tolerance and extensive performance monitoring 24/7/365.

Covering all aspects and functional areas of the ATM management process, the solution is equipped with the following features:

  • Advanced transaction processing to drive an ATM network, route and authorize transactions, validate card data, control limits and apply fees. Its flexible multi-party settlement capability includes transaction reconciliation, the calculation of interchange fees, and the generation of payment and posting files;
  • Comprehensive analytical tools, including risk control, fraud detection and prevention, dispute management and extensive reporting;
  • Sophisticated system administration tools for ATM network configuration and centralized key management, advanced monitoring of ATMs, transactions, events, network connections and system modules. In addition, the solution provides flexible access rights control.

Concerns over security in the industry means that financial institutions face increasing pressure to ensure they provide a secure environment for their customers to bank in, whether in branch, online, via mobile, or through an ATM. The TranzWare ATM Management solution is not only fully EMV-compliant, providing a high level of protection against fraudulent activity, but also PA DSS certified, giving customers further confidence in the safety of their confidential information.

Due to its fault tolerance and scalability, the TranzWare ATM Management solution can process large data volumes efficiently from hundreds of millions of transactions to tens of thousands of ATMs with 24/7 availability. It also allows each and every stage of transaction routing and processing to be customized, providing additional flexibility and wider functionality for financial institutions.

The TranzWare ATM Management solution offers an exceptional return on investment, new revenue streams, reduced cost of ownership and an enhanced experience for the cardholder, driving customer loyalty.

This solution comprises of TranzWare Online, TranzWare Card Management System, TranzWare Interchange and TranzWare Fraud Analyzer.

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