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Araeas of applicationThe modular products making up the TranzWare suite are feature-rich and highly flexible covering the entire range of technological systems required to drive electronic payments as well as other retail banking areas such as various account management, payments, debt collection, etc. The TranzWare products can be integrated in an unlimited number of ways to suite a variety of organisations often from different industries.

Due to the versatility of the TranzWare product suite, Compass Plus products and solutions can be applied in different business and other areas and can be used by various organisations, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Financial institutions - the principal members of international payment networks, including those providing sponsorship services to other financial institutions (in-house system implementation)
  • Financial institutions participating in agent programmes of other banks or regional payment networks, as well as in sponsorship programmes of international payment networks (in-house system implementation)
  • Financial institutions requiring full (or partial) outsourcing (through Compass Plus Processing Centre)
  • Financial institutions that act only as payment card issuers, merchant acquirers or both
  • Independent third party processing centres supporting an unlimited number of financial institutions
  • National or local switch operators and ATM switches
  • Automated Clearing Houses
  • Local EFT networks supporting proprietary card products of a financial institution
  • ATM deployers
  • System integrators that require electronic payments handling software to complete their solution
  • Small local electronic payment systems (e.g. Telecom company or ISP bill payment system)
  • Large to small retail chains (supermarkets, department stores, petroleum retailers, internet retailers, etc.) and clubs, including discount/bonus and loyalty system projects
  • Social benefit payment systems and other projects for government bodies
  • Salary/Pay projects at different organisations
  • And many more

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