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SolutionsIn order to address even a single aspect of electronic payment processing, a financial institution may require to integrate several software components. The broad range of Compass Plus’ highly flexible and modular products can be seamlessly integrated into a number of coherent end-to-end solutions that simplify implementation and are ready to meet customer requirements, lower costs, reduce risk, improve efficiency and maximise profitability and manageability of the customer businesses.

In addition to integrating software modules, Compass Plus is able to offer various hardware components through our partner and alliance network of well-established and reputable companies.

The following are just some key solutions based on the TranzWare product family:

  • Fully integrated Back-end and Front-end bank system for consumer retail services
  • Processing centre for:
    • Principal member banks of the international payment systems
    • Sponsor-banks providing services to affiliates (Agent-banks)
    • Affiliated banks
  • Independent processing centre with TPP and/or MSP status
  • Processing system for banks with a multi-branch structure
  • Back Office for Agent-banks served by a Sponsor-bank processing centre
  • Terminal host for managing large ATM networks (with external host authorisation)
  • Terminal host for managing large retailer networks
  • Switching centre supporting various interface types with other hosts (more than 10 types)
  • Specialised switching host providing smooth and efficient migration of a processing centre to a new solution
  • Fault-tolerant processing system
  • EMV compliance solution
  • Fraud Monitoring solution
  • e-payments security system
  • Remote banking service via telephone, the Internet, SMS, WAP
  • System of customer payments (including P2P, standing order, direct debit, arbitrary payments, periodic, one off payments, etc. and support of various payment channels)
  • Application of a mobile phone in e-payment systems (including payments, identification, authentication, notification, cash withdrawal, funds transfer, etc.)
  • System of Value-Added Applications
  • Stress-test platforms for a processing host with large terminal networks
  • ATM-testing laboratory with ATM emulators, graphical design tools, verification and debugging of dialogue interfaces, user dialogue scenarios, receipt formats supporting several languages, font design and other graphical components

However the list doesn’t finish there, Compass Plus fully understands that every financial institution has different set of business problems and requirements and therefore, we can tailor a unique solution even for the most fastidious customers by carefully combining our software products and modules to best address any aspect of the customer e-payment processing business. The flexible architecture of the TranzWare suite not only allows to easily address the current needs of a financial institution but also provides for their changes in the future as any new module of the suite can be easily integrated into the existing set, thus, improving and extending bank’s product offerings and increasing revenues.

Follow the links for the individual solutions to find out more about how Compass Plus solutions can address your specific business demands. Alternatively please view individual Products, Download product or solution brochures or contact us.

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