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With the global online population reaching close to 3.5 billion (ITU, 2016), and the number of people using remote banking services, such as internet banking, topping 1 billion in 2015 (Juniper), financial institutions must embrace innovative, customer focused solutions now more than ever before. By providing their customers with the most personalised, convenient, secure experience possible when using Internet Banking, they reduce the risk of customer churn in an industry where brand loyalty is in decline.

Compass Plus solutions enable financial institutions to establish remote banking systems which include all available service channels and provide an extensive range of financial products and services for the individual.

One of the key components of our remote banking solution is TranzWare Internet Banking - a user-friendly, fully developed Internet banking product based on cutting-edge technology. This product provides financial institutions with an array of options to help establish a flexible, fully adaptive Internet banking system that meets their individual requirements: both in terms of integration with external IT solutions and the customisation of user interfaces and services. In essence, TranzWare Internet Banking offers financial institutions the opportunity to become the designer of their own unique Internet banking system, and the ability to offer, in turn, a much more personalised experience to their customers.

The distinct advantages of TranzWare Internet Banking are primarily related to its modular system architecture. Due to the use of modern web technologies, the business logics of operation processing have been separated from the design and the product has been built as a set of movable functional modules (widgets). 

User Interface

TranzWare Internet Banking utilises the approach to user interfaces whereby the appearance of the product is built as a set of interactive widgets; separate functional modules of Internet Banking. The home page of the web-application consists of the auxiliary (main menu and navigation) and main set of modules that set out the essential principles of work with accounts, cards, information and payment services. Users can adjust the appearance of the product to suit their preferences by moving the widgets, ensuring an easily customisable product with a user-friendly interface. 

Configuration data is stored on the host side making it possible to keep the product appearance normal and familiar to
the customer regardless of where and how TranzWare Internet Banking is being accessed.

Variety of Integration Approaches

The concept of TranzWare Internet Banking doesn’t just include the use of widgets readily supplied with the system but also ability to modify them and develop new ones; expanding the functionality of the product. The interconnection of these modules with the external systems can be performed using various methods.

By default, product modules address the Front Office system of the processing centre, TranzWare Online, using open SOAP protocol VTBI (Versatile Telebank Interface). In this instance, TranzWare Online not only stores card limits and manages remote banking channels, it also acts as a universal integration gateway. The intelligence system of transaction routing allows the establishment of the online connection of TranzWare Internet Banking with other products from the TranzWare family and various external systems: CBS, CRM, payment gateways, etc. An approach like this makes it possible to utilise the advantages of an integrated remote banking solution, such as 0nline operation mode, and to access a consistent set of services provided via all delivery channels (ATMs, kiosks, mobile banking).

The direct interconnection of separate TranzWare Internet Banking modules can also be implemented with external systems by making use of the supplied development tools. This means the financial institution is provided with the means to rapidly implement its integration projects and to create unique customer services. Created modules are not limited in functionality: it could be purely an information service (news broadcasting), or a full transactional interface, for example, the management of client brokerage accounts in an external system.

TranzWare Internet Banking, as a virtual interface to the front office, TranzWare Online, inherits the wide functionality of the processing system. The standard product comprises of the complete set of operations and settings that is required for an up-to-date Internet banking system. The presence of the additional features of the processing system provides unlimited opportunities to establish a financial web service and develop retail banking in self-service mode.


  • Broad set of information services (including account and card status, operations and  payments and transfers)
  • A variety of financial operations - transfers between accounts, payments for various services, payments templates etc.
  • Generation of prepaid cards
  • Complete customisation of application (appearance, layout, content) by financial institution
  • SMS, e-mail notifications
  • Interactive services: correspondence with the bank, applications for products and services
  • Security features: static and dynamic authentication, DPA/CAP support, signature of financial transactions, 3D Secure protocol support
  • Additional features: currency exchange rates, currency calculator, news, etc.
  • Extensive library of functional modules and ability to develop of new ones

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • Vast number of banking operations and services
  • Extensive library of functional modules and ability to develop of new ones
  • Completely customisable application (appearance, layout, content)
  • Advanced security features

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