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Flexible multi-channel solution designed to provide the full lifecycle of electronic bill presentment and payment offering competitive advantages to financial institutions and other non-bank vendors.

One of the challenges faced by today’s consumers is managing personal bills that come from various organisations. Bills need to be settled on time and preferably with the minimum amount of effort. An average family handles numerous bills, from utilities and taxes to school fees and these payments need to be carefully managed so as not to incur unnecessary losses.

As the pace of life accelerates and customer awareness grows, new solutions are emerging. However, most of the available Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solutions employ the Internet as a means of presenting and settling bills, a solution which is not always convenient for a great majority of the population in emerging markets.

TranzWare PostPay is an automated EBPP solution that is designed to effectively function in a multi-vendor environment in Western as well as emerging markets. The solution is equally beneficial in all respects: for bill payers, vendors and Billing Service Providers (BSP). The introduction of agents (e.g. post offices, merchants, banks) into the system’s functional architecture makes TranzWare PostPay especially well-suited for emerging markets as, in addition to the Internet, these agents can provide a variety of access channels and payment options (e.g. cash at a post office). TranzWare PostPay is positioned as a stand-alone solution, which can be integrated with any set of processing or billing solutions.

TranzWare PostPay processes the operations of a servicing organisation (Billing Service Provider) and ensures the presentment, collection, consolidation and delivery of bills to bill payers, and the acceptance of payments for services provided by public-and-utility organisations, including utilities, telecommunication services, individual taxation bills, school fees, and a multitude of other services. The system encompasses various methods by which bills can be settled. Settlement can be performed by means of Direct Debit from a customer account at agent banks, and can be self-initiated via personal banking channels offered by agents (e.g. Internet and mobile phones), at ATMs and teller desks at agent banks.

The product supports the clearing and settlement information transfer to a clearing bank, allows the acceptance and processing of account files delivered from vendors, offers fee calculation facilities as well as the preparation, formation and forwarding of notifications on key events (via SMS, e-mail) for all parties engaged in the EBPP process. TranzWare PostPay supports linking bill payers into groups and also the design of the hierarchical structure of links between vendors.


  • Customer bills accumulation, consolidation and tracing
  • Direct debit support
  • Support for cash and non-cash payments via a variety of channels
  • E-mail, SMS-based notification on receiving new bills, bills overdue and payment confirmation
  • Offline vendor notification on the payment execution
  • Various customer identification means
  • Ability to view bills in different cross-sections
  • Data management for all system participants
  • Clearing and settlement and fee calculation

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • For customers: significant streamlining of routine tasks and numerous payment options to suit individual lifestyles
  • For vendors: improved customer service, significant savings on payment network maintenance, and reduction of operating errors
  • For agents: adding value by providing additional services to their customers, new revenue streams, cross-selling opportunities, efficient utilisation of service networks (e.g. ATMs, retail outlets, branches)

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