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A high-performance scalable multi-card processing solution enabling efficient electronic funds transfer, inter-network switching and the handling of an unlimited number of devices and delivery channels.

Choosing a system to meet current requirements is relatively straightforward, the real challenge lies in finding one that is flexible enough to meet the demands of the future. In retail banking, card front or back office are reluctantly replaced due to the immense amount of time, human and financial resources involved. Therefore it is important to invest in a fully customisable and futureproof solution.

TranzWare Online is a highly efficient, fault-tolerant engine for the switching, routing and authorisation of electronic payment transactions as well as for terminal network driving. The system was specifically designed to deliver great flexibility and options for system expansion unrestricted by hardware, operating system, networks and host systems, financial products, types of transactions, devices and delivery channels. Its unrivalled advantage lies in the advanced customisation capabilities, extensive library of interfaces, near-linear scalability and a number of advanced modules allowing customers to build a unique processing system that easily meets all industry requirements and accommodates customer expectations.

ATM Driving & Monitoring
An ATM network is a vital service channel but unfortunately sometimes underutilised. TranzWare Online can help turn the network of cash dispensers into a secure, lucrative customer relationship tool with a broad product offering from paying in, mobile top-up and bill payments to competitions, charitable donations and ordering goods and services via an Internet shop. In fact, with the TranzWare Online Algorithmix module the ATM functions are only limited by the entrepreneurial flair of a business team.

TranzWare Online incorporates a sophisticated scalable ATM monitoring system that includes graphical features such as map navigation, ATM state display, etc. The system allows customers to analyse network status and respond to any changes in an efficient manner. TranzWare Online includes maintenance personnel notification and many more features.

For banks or ATM deployers that own large and extra-large distributed ATM networks, the management of which demands a much more comprehensive toolset, TranzWare Online also has an alternative ATM monitoring and management module - TranzWare Online ATM Monitoring. This module takes ATM network management to a completely new level. The innovative instruments built into the system deliver a competitive advantage by means of parameterised productivity control mechanisms and the ability to optimise network service costs. The ATM Monitoring module provides a higher level of scalability and flexibility, enables equally effective real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis of the network as a whole, groups of terminals and single ATMs – all in various data cross-sections.

POS Processing
TranzWare Online provides complete support for POS processing. The product processes all types of transactions made by any type of card via a vast number of POS makes and models.

TranzWare Online Financial Institution Maintenance Interface (FIMI)
TranzWare Online FIMI is an advanced management tool providing remote, transaction-based access to the resources of a processing centre built on TranzWare Online, as well as the facility to perform virtually any operation in the system. The FIMI module is also used to deliver a special web application for remote access. TranzWare Online FIMI is an extremely secure remote access mechanism, which makes use of a standard Internet browser yet, being transaction-based, it is subject to all security controls and audits applicable to transactions.

TranzWare Online Algorithmix
TranzWare Online Algorithmix is a unique customisation system that allows customers free reign over their processing system. By offering extensive scripting functionalities, Algorithmix enables significant and diverse changes to be made to the transaction authorisation mechanisms. Without changes to the system core, customers can implement new and completely unique product features giving them a sustainable competitive advantage. The flexibilities that a system such as this delivers are obvious: customers can create, test, adjust and improve product features as often and in as many ways as they want ensuring their agility in the market place. TranzWare Online Algorithmix, for instance, has been used to effectively manage card fraud, deliver an array of unconventional services via an ATM, calculate commissions and bonuses, set/manage various card usage limits, etc.

As the hub of a transaction processing environment, TranzWare Online can seamlessly integrate with TranzWare CMS (card and account management system) and other TranzWare products. The products hold an unparalleled library of interfaces with other payment networks, host systems and CBS and also contains an elaborate SDK for interface development empowering customers to take control and quickly develop the required interfaces themselves.


  • Secure and flexible payments switching, routing, authorisation
  • Extensive library of interfaces to host systems, payment networks, CBS and comprehensive SDK
  • ATM driving and advanced monitoring system
  • POS terminal driving
  • Scripting engine for processing logic customisation, including fraud detection (Algorithmix)
  • Remote access to processing centre resources for full system management (FIMI)
  • Remote banking features
  • Multi-channel support
  • Extensive transaction set
  • All types of cards supported
  • Full multi-currency and multi-lingual capability
  • Multi-institution support on a single platform

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • Remarkable interoperability
  • Unlimited linear scalability and proven high volume processing
  • OS and hardware independence
  • Flexible to suit a variety of business needs
  • Many innovative functions
  • Processes all types of transactions originating from any make and model of device via any channel
  • Variety of fault-tolerance options unrestricted by hardware platform

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