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interchangeA robust interchange system capable of collecting, converting, organising, storing, routing, settling and clearing information in a payment environment of any complexity

Today’s electronic payment environment is proving to be increasingly complex, where crucial activities such as clearing and settlement are especially complicated. To stay efficient and productive, financial institutions require a robust, comprehensive and easy to maintain transaction interchange solution that automates a large number of back office activities, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

TranzWare Interchange boasts great functionality, automates a variety of interchange functions, adeptly processes large volumes of data and provides the efficient clearing and settlement of electronic transactions. Not only is it capable of satisfying the interchange needs of any financial institution in a complex environment, it is also highly adaptable and delivers efficiency in relatively confined and simple processing environments. For example, it can cater for situations where:

  • the bank is the principal member of an international payment system (fulfilment of clearing functions with a payment system only)
  • the bank is a sponsor (clearing and settlement with payment systems and agent banks)
  • an organisation is a clearing house and head of a payment network (clearing and settlement with external payment systems, other clearing houses, member banks, agent banks, etc.)

In addition, TranzWare Interchange can perform internal clearing in a multi-branch bank or even be implemented to facilitate effective interaction, collection, processing and distribution of clearing files between several different systems at one financial institution.

TranzWare Interchange allows dispute processing and management (for example, a sponsor bank can manage disputes on its agent banks’ request) and provides facilities for controlling risks associated with interchange (for example, in case suspicious transactions occur, a sponsor bank can delay clearing and settlement with its agents). The product also supports extensive commissioning, currency conversion and offers a broad set of reports.

The product contains a number of built-in interchange schemes ready for use but is also equipped with flexible user-friendly tools and mechanisms for creating and supporting payment systems of any complexity designed by customers themselves. Customers can set an unlimited number of interchange rules, down to assigning each member of an interchange system their individual timetable for data clearing and settlement (including near real-time settlement). This gives a great advantage in terms of flexibility, allowing for a more efficient and effective operation.


Interchange 1
Interchange 2
Scheme sponsor   Scheme operator

* Settlement data flow when a payment system prepares settlement files for banks-agents


  • Transaction clearing and settlement
  • Automated collection, uploading, reloading, storage, classification, routing, editing, processing, grouping, formatting and distribution of clearing and settlement data
  • Clearing and settlement with international payment systems and some domestic card schemes
  • Provision of clearing and settlement for bank-sponsors and affiliated banks
  • Multi-branch network and multi-institution support
  • Graphical user tools
  • Various algorithm types
  • Flexible commissions, fees and charges calculation
  • Dispute management
  • Support for multiple currencies and multiple card types

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • Adaptable to interchange environments of any composition and complexity
  • Automation of extensive number of functions
  • Flexible clearing and settlement rule definition
  • Exceptional customisation options
  • Dispute management subsystem
  • Proven to achieve significant operational efficiencies
  • Multi-format processing (multi-network support)
  • Logical and user-friendly interface

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