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Data WarehouseA powerful engine that collects, organises and transforms large amounts of payment data into a powerful warehouse ready for analysis and modelling

In today’s financial climate there is an increasing need for financial institutions to provide customers with streamlined and efficient services. A key element of this is an efficient method of data collection, organisation, storage and transformation ready for use by other business applications.

TranzWare Data Warehouse is a powerful integrated engine collecting, transforming, organising and storing large and extra-large volumes of detailed and historical electronic payment data ready to use in various analytical systems, such as systems of case management, fraud analysis, ATM cashflow forecast, statistical modelling of object behaviour and more.

The system stores complete data on transactions, cards, card products, accounts, customers, branches, retailers and various other system objects.

TranzWare Data Warehouse is used by TranzWare Fraud Analyzer and Cash Planning for comprehensive manifold analysis of the stored and/or newly incoming banking data as well as effective case management.

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