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Claims ManagerA comprehensive workflow management system automating dispute processing, managing and resolving a variety of claims received from bank customers and payment system members

Today, millions of financial transactions occur every second so minimising and managing claim disputes efficiently and effectively is paramount. Dispute tracking and resolution is an expensive and resource draining operation, which requires prompt investigative action to ensure the highest standards of customer service, therefore, an effective dispute resolution system is a must.

TranzWare Claims Manager is a workflow management system that automates dispute processing and management. The system enables the administration of a variety of claims based on requests and complaints received from bank customers and payment system members. TranzWare Claims Manager can administer disputes with all types of payment cards and transactions, arising in any area of electronic payment processing and within all international payment systems (including some domestic).

TranzWare Claims Manager assumes automatic (e.g. in case of a chargeback) or manual case initiation (e.g. based on a customer claim). In the manual case initiation the product allows customer services or other assigned managers and/or operators to create a specific case based on different criteria, such as the reason for opening a case (type of claim), how and by whom it is conducted, what data is needed to process it, etc. TranzWare Claims Manager can also perform an advisory role offering timetables and deadlines, providing reason codes and automatically taking dispute actions in standard cases or giving recommendation to a claim case officer and leaving the final decision to him/her.

A claims officer can monitor the state of cases assigned to him/her, change parameters, define exact due dates, prioritise cases, schedule and execute actions, promoting the effective management of disputes.

The system is closely integrated with TranzWare Fraud Analyzer for more effective and accurate fraud case management. Additionally, it is also fully integrated with TranzWare Online, TranzWare CMS, which perform all the card processing and management and with TranzWare Interchange which converts formats and carries out clearing and settlement. The system can also integrate with other third-party card management, clearing and settlement and transaction processing systems.


  • Claim management arising within all major international payment systems and some domestic
  • Support for all card products, card types and transactions
  • Broad set of case management algorithms and customisation capabilities
  • Automatic and manual case initiation
  • Case management rules and action templates
  • Generation and processing of alerts
  • Dispute/claim investigation timetable setting and management

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • Improvement in customer service through set/automated customer interaction
  • Entire claim lifecycle automation ensuring decrease in human errors and operating costs
  • Advanced customisation capabilities: design of algorithms, rules, documents, etc.
  • Scalability: up to 100s of millions of transaction, 10s of millions of cards, accounts, customers

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