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Case Manager

A comprehensive, technological platform serving as a base to manage cases and workflow

Today financial institutions have an ever-increasing demand for efficiency and productivity leading to a need for robust workflow and case management systems. When well organised this can lead to tremendous time and cost savings, improved customer service and ultimately customer retention and satisfaction.

A financial institution has a multitude of diverse business processes managed by different people and guided by different internal and external regulations. To address this issue Compass Plus has developed TranzWare Case Manager, a universal platform which can serve as a base for managing these processes and can allow the development and implementation of products that will automate various workflows within a financial institution.

TranzWare Fraud Analyzer is built on the technological platform TranzWare Case Manager. The platform and all the applied products are based on the common data stored in TranzWare Data Warehouse. TranzWare Case Manager facilitates case and case object management, the organisation of internal and external document circulation, algorithm and workflow rules library development, automatic and semi-automatic workflow management and aids the decision-making process. TranzWare Case Manager enables you to consolidate, manage, and process information about a variety of complex problems or issues in a central collection point: a case.

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