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Compass Plus offers a comprehensive product range covering all aspects of payment card processing and management, including an array of accompanying applications and modules. Our TranzWare products are tested, trusted and proven in the market place, making them amongst the most reliable and efficient available. We provide highly integrated, flexible and innovative products that not only give financial institutions a competitive edge but help them to uncover hidden business potential. TranzWare products are exceptionally customisable and agile allowing us to offer implementation speeds to top any other market leader, helping our customers make the most of their technology investments.

In complex and rapidly changing business and technology environments you need the confidence to know that both your current and future needs are being catered for, this is why Compass Plus’ product business model has been strategically tailored to comply with and anticipate the needs of our customers and the market trends. To help understand how our products fit together and to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio, we have separated our products into the 5 key categories that cover all areas of payments software and make up the TranzWare suite.


Processing Hub

This hub is made up of products and modules that enable secure, high-performance, scalable, multi-channel processing, from switch management to electronic bill presentment helping you build a state-of-the-art future-proof processing facility.


Cards & Accounts

Products in this section work to enable efficient card, account and merchant management, encompassing the entire card lifecycle management, flexible card personalisation, comprehensive clearing and settlement in diverse environments and many broad retail banking functionalities from revolving credit cards and saving accounts and to loans and installments.


Remote Banking

These products are designed to meet all of your remote banking requirements, harnessing the latest Internet and mobile technologies and providing an array of options to help you establish flexible, fully adaptive remote banking services.


Fraud & Security

All TranzWare products are PA DSS compliant and have a vast number of security measures in place. In addition, products in this section have been developed exclusively to provide advanced fraud detection and prevention, including 3D Secure Internet transaction authenticity checks.


Analytics & Workflow

Compass Plus offers an exceptional analytical toolset covering the areas of fraud management and cost-saving ATM cash planning. Also in this section you can find workflow products providing the systematic organisation of information flow and case management, such as bad debt recovery and dispute handling. TranzWare Case Manager and Data Warehouse are the two system applications providing the foundation for the products in this section.

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