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Kapital-LogoKapital Bank continues to develop its in-house processing centre

Increased growth of non-cash payments has required Kapital Bank to improve its customer service, paying particular attention to the availability and development of its processing centre as the main component of its non-cash payments system. The bank’s in-house processing centre was launched in 2009 and fully complies with PCI DSS.

Kapital Bank offers debit and credit cards utilitising one chip for both functions – Visa Dual Card – as well as contactless PayWave and PayPass cards. To increase the security of online payments, the bank also utilises 3D Secure technology.

Kapital Bank is a member of Mastercard International and Visa International. Customers can get Visa cards in all branches of Kapital Bank, or online on the bank’s website. The cards are available to use in different currencies – Manat, US dollars and Euros – and are valid for either one, two or three years.

Kapital Bank has around 3 million cardholders, over 600 ATMs and 9,000 POS terminals across Azerbaijan. Non-stop, fault-tolerant operation, as well as continuous innovative development of its in-house processing centre, are significant advantages of Kapital Bank.

The processing center of Kapital Bank is built on TranzWare software from Compass Plus.

* This press release is based on materials originally published by Kapital Bank.

About Kapital Bank:

As the successor to Sberbank, Kapital Bank has more than 140 years of commercial activity. Currently, Kapital Bank has the largest branch network across Azerbaijan. It is a universal financial institution offering banking services to more than three million individual customers and more than 22,000 corporate customers. The bank also participates in a number of government social programs and programs on real sector development.





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