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bank saint petersburgBank Saint Petersburg joins forces with Compass Plus to expand communication with customers via remote channels

Bank Saint Petersburg has collaborated with Compass Plus to implement a project to expand communication with customers through remote banking channels.

The project saw the enhancement of Bank Saint Petersburg’s use of Compass Plus’ TranzWare CMS and TranzWare Online as well as development of special ATM scenarios. This allowed the bank to use data from the external CRM system to inform its customers about personal marketing offers – as well as the bank’s services and products – on ATM receipts. In addition, the integrated solution enables the bank to receive feedback from customers through dedicated options on the ATM screen. For example, customers can request a call from the bank directly from the ATM menu, and even subscribe their card to SMS-based services. The bank plans to launch ATM loans using the special scenarios, which will enable customers to get pre-approved loans without having to visit a bank branch.

“This project creates new opportunities for communication with our customers,” said Pavel Filimonenok, Deputy Chairman at Bank Saint Petersburg. “We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our customer service, and that is why the implemented services based on Compass Plus technology is a great way to facilitate interaction between the bank and our customers.”

About Bank Saint Petersburg:
Established in 1990, Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest bank in the North-West region of Russia and over the years it has become an integral part of the financial and economic sphere of the region. Today, the bank has 1.7 million individual customers and 56,000 companies, and operates in 59 offices of Saint Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk. The bank is ranked 16th by assets among Russian banks (according to Interfax ranking agency).





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