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Credit bank MoscowCredit Bank of Moscow launches comprehensive fraud solution from Compass Plus

Credit Bank of Moscow and Compass Plus have completed the implementation of TranzWare Fraud Analyzer for monitoring, detecting and preventing fraud.

Compass Plus offered a comprehensive solution that provided advanced fraud management, with the facility for early online detection and the prevention of fraudulent transactions meeting the criteria defined by the bank, with a particular emphasis one-commerce transactions.

This project saw the integration of TranzWare Fraud Analyzer with Credit Bank of Moscow’s external third party processing system, which was achieved with no loss of functionality.

In addition to the flexibility and high performance offered by the fraud system, Credit Bank of Moscow also wanted the ability to create their own algorithms to detect suspicious transactions, a system that would easily integrate with their existing IT infrastructure, and the automation of certain actions (blocking suspicious cards: both on-us and not-on-us).

The solution offered by Compass Plus satisfied all of Credit Bank of Moscow’s requirements. TranzWare Fraud Analyzer provides a powerful mechanism for the statistical and post-transaction analysis of cardholder and terminal activity. In addition, the near-linear scalable architecture of the TranzWare platform allows increased computing power to provide performance capable of more than 900 transactions per second.

“With the new fraud monitoring solution developed by Compass Plus, our anti-fraud system has reached an entirely new level. Now, not only can we quickly respond to any potential fraud threats, but also prevent suspicious transactions before they have been performed, which makes our card products the most convenient and safe in the market,” commented Valeria Gomanova, Head of Card Management Department at Credit Bank of Moscow.

“Implementing TranzWare Fraud Analyzer in Credit Bank of Moscow is an important step forward for our company, as it showcases that this product can be successfully integrated with the external host system,” said Andrey Chirkov, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Global Officer at Compass Plus. “Furthermore, the project once again demonstrates that Compass Plus solutions are in line with the best fraud prevention industry practices in a market where the volumes of card fraud, as well as the sophistication of criminal activity practiced by fraudsters, are growing continuously.”


About Credit Bank of Moscow:
Credit Bank of Moscow is a universal commercial private bank offering a full range of banking services. The bank's primary business is to provide a complete range of products and services to corporate clients, as well as to individual clients in Moscow and the Moscow region. The bank’s corporate business is primarily aimed at retail and wholesale trade companies, which allows the bank to leverage the advantages of the Russian consumer market. The bank’s retail business focuses on providing consumer loans to large retailers, with an emphasis on cross-selling retail products to the employees and customers of its corporate clients. The range of banking services of Credit Bank of Moscow includes lending, deposits, corporate and retail banking services, documentary operations, guarantees, etc.



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