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Credit UralCredit Ural Bank changes Mastercard issuing and acquiring programs to NSPC with support from Compass Plus

The Compass Plus Processing Centre has completed the switch of the Mastercard issuing and acquiring programs of Credit Ural Bank to the National System of Payment Cards (NSPC) and is currently testing Visa transactions with the NSPC.

The Visa testing project is of particular interest because the traffic of one of the Russian banks will be localised on the territory of the Russian Federation and run on the Compass Plus Processing Centre. Previously the bank processed all of its Visa card transactions via one of the Visa processing centres outside of Russia.

The Compass Plus Processing Centre is unique in that it is built exclusively on proprietary software products and provides all its customers with unparalleled project implementation speeds. This also means that four out of eight banks within the ‘zero-wave’ connection to the NSPC utilise processing solutions from Compass Plus, illustrating the company's leading position within the Russian payments market.

About Credit Ural Bank:
Credit Ural Bank is the only independent bank in Magnitogorsk and is a technologically advanced universal credit institution with years of experience providing services in all segments of the banking market. Currently, Credit Ural Bank serves nearly 3,000legal entities and individual businesses and more than 200,000 individual customers. The network of 130 Credit Ural Bank ATMs is the largest in Magnitogorsk.. The bank actively develops its retail business and provides services for small and medium businesses. Whilst Credit Ural Bank pays considerable attention to the introduction of advanced banking technologies, it also constantly increases the level of automation for standard operations. The reliability and impeccable reputation of Credit Ural Bank is confirmed by its high ratings from the leading rating agencies.

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