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Nadra BankNadra Bank launches Internet banking built on TranzWare Internet Banking from Compass Plus

Nadra Bank, based in Ukraine, has launched a new Internet banking service built on TranzWare Internet Banking. The new service is closely integrated with TranzWare Online, a processing system that the bank has been using since 2005. Replacing the previous Internet banking system designed by the bank in-house has enabled the bank to unify its IT infrastructure and simplify integration between various information systems. In addition, the updated platform will provide customers who use the Internet banking application with additional convenience, as well as introducing new products and services built using the innovative platform.

Amongst other improvements, the procedure for signing up Nadra Bank customers who have not previously used the Internet banking service has been simplified. It is now possible to sign up to the service online directly on the bank’s website by entering bank card details and unique personal information for further authentication. It is also possible to sign up to the service via any of the bank’s ATMs. The solution provides enhanced services for managing user settings and offers a streamlined interface that makes the interface intuitive. Bank customers are provided with additional opportunities to manage their own funds, including reloading their payment cards, performing money transfers between cards issued by the bank and remittances in local and foreign currencies within the bank. The system enables customers to manage their savings accounts free of charge without visiting a bank branch and provides a tool that enables bank customers to place their funds into an account with a higher interest rate. In addition, the instant access account allows the withdrawal of funds at any time without the loss of interest, which makes the customer’s spare money work harder. As well as providing the capability to save templates with details of frequently used transfers, the new system offers many other new and innovative features and services that will be convenient for customers and highly in demand.

Sergey Kozlov, board member and Director of Retail Business at Nadra Bank, said: “Today Nadra Bank is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in Ukraine. We understand that the success of our projects depends, amongst other things, on cutting-edge IT technologies. Therefore, the development of Internet banking is an important business direction for our bank today. Compass Plus, who we have collaborated with for eight years and who has always supported us in all of our innovative projects, has helped us implement the new Internet banking system. This system enables the rapid development and launch of the most current services.”

About Nadra Bank:

Nadra Bank was established in 1993 and today is one of the largest commercial banks in Ukraine. Active development of the retail business is a key element of the bank’s long term strategy. Ranked fifth in Ukraine, Nadra Bank has a network of 543 branches and 1,100 ATMs in 290 towns. Nadra Bank’s principal shareholder is Centragas Holding AG –affiliated with Dmitriy Firtash’s group of companies ‘Group DF’. The bank currently serves approximately 800,000 customers.



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