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Compass Plus completes performance testing of TranzAxis with HP


Compass Plus, a company specialising in electronic payment solutions and retail banking systems, has successfully completed scalability and performance tests on HP ProLiant DL980 servers for their new Open Development Banking Platform - TranzAxis. TranzAxis is a specialist, integrated platform created for the development and support of cards and payments, transaction switching, retail banking and other systems and applications in the domain linked to the automation of retail banking activities.

The benchmark testing was aimed at determining TranzAxis’ key performance indicators for various types of load. Performed remotely with a team from the HP PTAC centre in London over a five week period, the testing was carried out on HP ProLiant DL980 G7 servers with 8 Intel Xeon E7-4870, 2.4 GHz, 80 core processors, configured with 512 GB of RAM.

For the purpose of stress testing, a test issuing and acquiring setup was simulated so that TranzAxis was driving 20,000 terminals (10,000 ATMs and 10,000 POS) connected via various protocols associated with each device type. TranzAxis was also serving as an issuing system that included 10 million accounts with overdrafts and 10 million cards linked to them. TranzAxis dealt with both real-time transaction processing and batch processing.

All terminals worked continuously in full emulation mode with limit checks, commission calculations, performance of full authorization, authentication of cardholders, etc. During the tests the results showed that the performance of the system reached a sustained peak of 1066 TPS and verified that the system was stable at this load.

The benchmark results also demonstrated that TranzAxis is capable of processing (balancing) 10 million current accounts with overdrafts, including interest and commission calculation, at a rate of 1500 TPS. The scanning and balancing of all the accounts in the portfolio took three hours on a statement date and one hour in the middle of the month. The account balancing procedure reassesses the state of the contracts, manages delinquency statuses, does postings (if required), calculates provisions etc.

It is important to note that both the processing and batch transactions that were included in these results were all actual business transactions, the transactions occurring in the database were not included in these figures. If all of the transactions that took place had been included in the figures the results could go up as by much as fifteen fold.

Employing the methodology of stress testing the system by modeling real life production use and using different issuing and acquiring data volumes as opposed to standard performance testing, is, in many respects, unique and is only performed by a handful of vendors. However, this method is the only test that demonstrates how the system will function in real life situations.

Compass Plus tests all of their systems using different volumes of issuing and acquiring data, which makes it possible to track the way the system behaves in various situations. This plays an important role in project management and allows Compass Plus to offer an optimal system and hardware configuration dependent on customer requirements helping them to reduce costs.

“Software vendors are always offering statistics for TPS, throwing around large numbers without accounting for what they class a transaction as or how their test system was actually configured,” said Maria Nottingham, CMO at Compass Plus. “Both Compass Plus and HP are delighted with the performance results from the testing, especially as they show the actual number of business transactions performed on a test system close to a real-life production system. These results clearly demonstrate that TranzAxis performs at a high level on such servers as HP ProLiant DL980 G7”.

About HP ProLiant DL980 G7 servers

HP ProLiant DL980 G7, featuring HP's PREMA Architecture delivers the balanced scaling, self-healing resiliency and breakthrough efficiency needed to overcome the challenges of today's most demanding x86 compute environments. Whether implementing a single and very large data intensive, or many consolidated or virtualized workloads, the DL980 G7 server is an ideal platform to deploy and scale up Enterprise environments.

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