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bCompassPlusTwo banks using the TranzWare processing system from Compass Plus have concurrently launched a new service for remote banking via mobile phones. Now the customers of Russian banks: Credit Ural Bank and Almazergienbank are able to perform operations that were only previously available through Internet banking.

The new service is built on TranzWare Mobile Banking, a comprehensive solution for access to Internet banking services via mobile phone that supports Java Mobile platform and implements all the functionalities of TranzWare Internet Banking.

For connection with the processing system, TranzWare Mobile Banking uses the same VTBI protocol used by TranzWare Internet Banking which not only simplifies the administration of the two systems, but provides customers with the same set of services through two remote service channels with common means of authentication. In fact the new mobile banking system simply adapts the user interface and the presentation of information available in TranzWare Internet Banking to the limited capabilities of a mobile phone without losing any functionality.

For connection with the TranzWare Mobile Banking server, the midlet uses any Internet connection available to a mobile phone which can be encrypted using 3DES algorithm. It can be either GPRS/EDGE/3G or Wi-Fi/WiMAX and allows access to banking services available anywhere in the GSM-network coverage area, as well as the ability to use alternative and often cheaper channels of wireless communication.

The unification of mobile and Internet banking services, and the use of common user authentication as well as processing mechanisms has enabled the new service to be launched in a very short period of time (1-2 months).

Currently TranzWare Mobile Banking is used in 4 banks in Russia: Moscow Industrial Bank, Uraltransbank, Almazergienbank and Credit Ural Bank.

About Credit Ural Bank:
Credit Ural Bank is one of the largest banks in Chelyabinsk region and has been consistently ranked as one of the largest banks in Russia for a number of years. The bank has had Principal Member Status in Visa and Mastercard payment systems since 2000. In 2007, the bank became a member of the GasPromBank Group.

About Almazergienbank:
Almazergienbank was established in 1993 and is one of the largest banks in Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The bank offers its customers a broad variety of services such as remote banking, mortgages and automobile loans, international cash transfers and transfers without opening an account. The bank’s processing centre serves approximately 150 retailer and service outlets and over 70 thousand issued plastic cards.


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