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bCompassPlusCompass Plus has tested the “nonstop upgrade” technology of the processing system based on TranzWare Online in its own Processing Centre. This technology has made it possible to decrease the scheduled downtime of the system for software upgrades to only 3 minutes. Processing systems of banks with extensive branch networks and processing centres operating in multiple time zones have even loads throughout the day and practically have no minimum load periods in the system which can be used for scheduled maintenance and software upgrades without compromising customer service. These large organisations have to warn their customers in advance with regards to the temporary unavailability of services and set STIP-limits.

Being customer-centric, Compass Plus has systematically worked on various technologies capable of minimising the downtime of the processing system. Based on the results of numerous tests, the selected technology is the most effective and not only allows customers to minimise the downtime during the system upgrade, but also easily adapts for use in the management of the DRS solution from Compass Plus.

About Compass Plus’ Processing Center:
Compass Plus’ Processing Centre provides reliable service payment processing, reduces initial and operational costs, enables fast time-to-market and introduces new products and services providing clients with increased profitability and a competitive advantage. The Processing Centre is one of the largest independent processors in Russia and has Third Party Processor and Member Service Provider status in Visa and MasterCard payment systems respectively. The Processing Centre runs exclusively on advanced, state-of-the-art software products from the TranzWare family and serves over 20financial institutions in several countries.

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