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bCompassPlusCompass Plus, a company that specialises in electronic payment solutions and retail banking systems, has successfully completed scalability and performance tests on IBM System p™ platform for TranzWare Online and TranzWare CMS. TranzWare Online is a highly efficient, fault-tolerant solution for the switching, parametric routing and authorisation of electronic payments which includes a range of cutting-edge supporting functionalities. It is complemented with TranzWare CMS - a feature-rich comprehensive banking solution providing the tools to enable the efficient operation and management of card issuance and lifecycle, bank and merchant acquiring with a number of retail banking features. IBM System p™ provides scalable performance with easy-to-grow modular systems and flexible workload optimisation ensuring cost effective infrastructure.

The extensive testing took place from 30th August to 24th September 2010 at z Benchmark, IBM Products and Solutions Services Centre, Montpellier (France). The testing was carried out on p780 series server with 64 cores, configured in TurboCore Mode with 512 GB of RAM.

For the purpose of TranzWare Online stress testing, a test processing system was created containing a database of 100 million customers, accounts and cards, respectively. The acquiring network consisted of 60,000 terminals (ATMs and POS) connected via various protocols associated with each device type. The transactions tested included ATM transactions (cash withdrawal – 85% and balance enquiry – 15%) and the purchase of goods through POS terminals. All terminals worked continuously in full emulation mode with limit checks, commission calculations, performance of full authorisation, authentication of cardholders, etc. In addition all ATMs were monitored by the system in full online mode.

During real-time production simulation tests, the results showed that the performance of the system amounted to more than 1,050 transactions per second (TPS) with the average authorisation time at less than 0.7 seconds, whilst the maximum number of logical transactions reached 8,000 TPS.

The benchmark results demonstrated that TranzWare CMS is capable of running all end-of-month procedures for 20 million active revolving credit contracts with a single billing cycle, in less than 8 hours on Statement Day and in no more than 6 hours on a standard day. The maximum volume of transactions in the Oracle database exceeded 5,000 TPS. The tests simulated six months worth of live transaction data and the associated batch procedures carried out by the issuers during production use. TranzWare CMS defined and set up ten different types of customer contracts working under a revolving credit scheme with each contract generating four card transactions with issuer fees and commission calculation using different algorithms: one credit repayment transaction, two contract settlement operations on due day and statement day, all taking place on a monthly basis during the 6 month period. In addition, the system was tested using different sets of data (for example, overdue and standard accounts, active and blocked cards, etc).

During the testing of both products, at peak load the system performance showed no abnormalities. TranzWare Online demonstrated 100% stability during the hour and a half of peak load. Subsequently the results achieved clearly demonstrate that TranzWare payment solutions have the capability to run on Linux for System p platform using Oracle Database Server 10.

Employing the methodology of stress testing the system by modeling real life production use and using different issuing and acquiring data volumes as opposed to standard performance testing, is, in many respects, unique and is only performed by a handful of vendors. However, this method is the only test that demonstrates how the system will function in real life situations.

Testing the system with the use of different volumes of issuing and acquiring data made it possible to track the way the system behaves in various situations. This plays an important role in project management and allows Compass Plus to offer an optimal system and hardware configuration dependant on customer requirements helping them to reduce costs.

Olga Demina, the Senior Vice President, CBDO & Global Sales Director of Compass Plus said of the project: “Service reliability and security 24x7, 365 days a year, as well as a maximum return on investment are amongst the most essential requirements in the banking and payment transaction sectors. The benchmark results demonstrate that the IBM System p™ platform is capable of providing high system performance in conjunction with excellent reliability, availability, security and the ease of maintenance necessary to maintain the appropriate level of banking services and the competitive strength of our large scale customers, as well as ensuring the maximum return on investment.”

The level of professionalism offered by the Montpellier PSSC Competency Centre team during the benchmark, and the results of analyzing the systems’ behaviour at peak load enabled Compass Plus to detect some bottlenecks, on which work is planned for future product version releases. This proves the results achieved are not limiting for both systems and in the near future Compass Plus will improve on the performance figures achieved. Building on the success of this project, Compass Plus is planning to engage the same methodology in testing new products from other leading vendors providing their services in the market.

About IBM System p™:
IBM System p™ allows the substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the complexity of the IT infrastructure, automated processes, energy consumption, downtime and other operating costs. The scalable performance provided by a modular system and the comprehensive optimisation of workloads guarantee the exceptional flexibility of the system and investment protection. System p™ displays significantly higher values of productivity and takes position as an industry leader in a wide range of applications and industry standard benchmarks.


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