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bZapsibZapsibcombank has successfully implemented the large-scale project of migrating its processing system to TranzWare software products from Compass Plus.

The bank’s relationship with Compass Plus began in 2006 when Zapsibcombank purchased TranzWare products in order to establish a separate processing center for the implementation of different sponsor programs (processing for other banks). The bank’s previous in-house processing center was incapable of ensuring the required flexibility to service third-party banks. Whilst implementing the project, Zapsibcombank’s team appreciated the new capabilities provided by Compass Plus’ software products and, in 2008, the bank’s management made the decision to replace their existing processing system with the TranzWare platform on a step-by-step basis.

Andrew Shevelev, Vice-President of Zapsibcombank said of the project, “Having launched the TranzWare-based processing centre for sponsored banks, we found that Compass Plus has end-to-end solutions for all our new business projects and we can implement proven technologies as opposed to being a test centre for new developments created on our own initiative.”

Whilst implementing the migration project, one of the key priorities was to ensure the migration process had no effect on the customers whilst simultaneously expanding the range of services available. They chose a strategy whereby the new processing system was initially integrated with the existing CTL system and Forpost banking system, and then the phased migration was performed:

  • In November 2009, the migration of the bank’s ATM system (over 400 devices) was completed and Zapsibcombank’s customers were given the opportunity not only to replenish their accounts via ATM, but also to manage their bank accounts (due to the TranzWare online integration with Forpost ABS). Amongst the ATM terminals available, 40 devices are equipped with the Cash-in option enabling the bank’s customers to pay money into their account, make credit payments and perform other cash operations at any time.
  • In Spring 2010, the bank’s acquiring network (over 1,400 POS-terminals) was fully migrated from the existing processing system to the TranzWare processing system.
  • By August 2010, card products were migrated to the TranzWare processing system, and the migration stage was fully completed (over 400 active cards were migrated).

TranzWare Internet Banking has also recently been implemented which enables Zapsibcombank customers to manage all their banking accounts online.

Of the cooperation between Compass Plus and Zapsibcombank, Sergey Egorov, Head of the Card Center, said, “2010 was full of important dates for Zapsibcombank. This year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our bank, the 15th anniversary of our card project and the successful migration of our processing system. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. Together with the team from Compass Plus, we have implemented a large-scale project: a combination of replacing the software from our processing center with a more robust and state-of-art system and integrating the processing center with our banking system. With the innovative processing platform implemented, we now have the opportunity to offer our customers a range of advanced banking services and to ensure our further development, keeping to our policy of maintaining the status of being a modern high-technological retail bank.”

About Zapsibcombank:
Zapsibcombank has been involved in the banking services market since 1990. Since 2009, it has ranked amongst the 30 most profitable banks and amongst the 100 largest banks in the Russian Federation. The bank currently has over 25 additional offices and 18 branches operating within the country. Zapsibcombank has Principal Member status in Visa International and MasterCard WorldWide, and has over 500 thousand cards in circulation.


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