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techcomCompass Plus and Techcombank, a market-leading commercial bank in Vietnam, have completed a joint project to migrate the Techcombank processing facility to Oracle 11g. Such migration is essential to a bank’s ability to meet the stringent data security requirements of PCI DSS, and successfully undertake the respective certification.

Techcombank was the first bank in Vietnam to embrace TranzWare products back in 2005. Currently the bank makes use of an extensive set of TranzWare products to include TranzWare Online, TranzWare CMS (including its revolving credit facility), TranzWare Card Factory, TranzWare Interchange and TranzWare Fraud Analyser, for all of its card and EFT processing requirements.

In order to minimize the downtime of the bank’s processing facility, the joint technical team decided on a phased migration strategy. The process began with a test server migration which provided valuable hands-on experience, alerted the technical team to various potential pitfalls, and enabled the elaboration of migration procedures and the production of detailed instructions for the personnel involved.

Once detailed preparations had been completed, the actual production server migration sailed through almost unnoticed, causing negligible downtime. This was followed by the server migration of the bank’s disaster recovery system.

Now that the migration has been completed on all the components of the Techcombank card and EFT related IT infrastructure, the bank is ready to undertake PCI DSS certification, which is essential to maintaining its leading position in the Vietnamese card market.

Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- stock Bank, Techcombank was established in 1993 to take advantage of recently launched economic reforms, with the aim to become an efficient financial intermediary bridging the savers and investors in need of capital for business and economic development in the new open-door era. One of the top commercial banks in the country, Techcombank is renowned for its innovative business approach and heavy reliance on technology.

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