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PrivatbankPrivatBank, the largest card issuer in Ukraine, has announced that it has now issued over 18.5 million cards with a growth of more than 20% - the equivalent of 3.5 million cards - over the past year with its terminal network increasing to include over 7,000 ATMs and 52,000 POS terminals. The role of technology is crucial to such dynamic card business development. The core technological function of the electronic payment infrastructure at PrivatBank is built on TranzWare solutions provided by Compass Plus to help ensure leadership in the market.

The increasing volume and dynamics of PrivatBank’s card business has put forward considerable requirements for the processing centre: not only for its exceptional reliability, but also for system scalability – the need for an increase in processing capacity without a considerable rise in cost (for example, costs of a company-wide hardware upgrade and subsequent project work).

The hardware platform at PrivatBank utilises a number of servers, with a typical server being equipped with 4 Intel® Xeon® dual-core processors and 8 GB RAM. Despite the rather modest specifications of the servers, merging them into the software-hardware cluster provides excellent results – the processing centre staff recorded a competitive peak rate of transactions per second which is in the running with results from far superior servers.

The PrivatBank processing centre successfully handles its increasing workload, taking advantage of the distributed architecture of the TranzWare Online front-office system. The uniqueness of this solution lies in the mechanism of the processing instance, a software component within which TranzWare Online server modules (controlling authorisation, routing, host-to-host interfaces, terminal drivers, etc.) are executed. Instances can run on one server or on various logically connected servers creating a single decentralised environment for the processing system. This allows the following to occur: balancing the loading of the multiprocessor servers, multi-threading tasks on several servers within the cluster and creating backup processes in different instances to achieve fault-tolerance through the duplication of software modules. TranzWare Online also includes a special multiprotocol transaction router, which monitors the availability of processing system instances. In the event of an instance failure, the router automatically switches the network interfaces to the backup server modules (executed within other instances, usually on the other cluster nodes).

The PrivatBank project, therefore, combines a high degree of reliability with ease of scalability. As workload increases, the distributed processing system is expanded to include a mid-level server which runs one or more processing instances, receiving a part of the transaction flow.

PrivatBank is one of the largest Ukrainian banks; it consists of a large service delivery network of over 3,000 branches throughout Ukraine. PrivatBank is the leading issuer and acquirer of payment cards in Ukraine and Principal Member of VISA and MasterCard payment systems. The bank deploys advanced technologies from IBM (AIX software, IBM power 570, Tivoli Storage Manager). As of May 2009 the bank had issued more than 18.5 million cards and installed more than 7,000 ATMs and 52,000 POS terminals.

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