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18999_myntSwedbank, Ukraine has completed the migration of its terminal network to its in-house processing centre which was launched in July 2008 built on the TranzWare product suite from Compass Plus. A strategy ensuring the smooth migration to the new platform was chosen in order to reduce any potential inconvenience to the bank’s customers and as a result, the bank’s acquiring network was migrated in the first phase and the customer database is currently experiencing a phased migration. Having achieved the status of Principal Member in Visa and MasterCard payment systems, the bank is also planning to interact directly with these payment systems to become certified in their EMV-cards issuing and acquiring programs.

The idea of establishing an in-house processing centre arose due to an aggressive development strategy of retail banking business supported by new shareholders, the bank formerly known as TAS-Commerzbank, purchased in 2007 by Swedish group, Swedbank. Payment Cards and Technology Department Director Andrey Voronov said of the project: "The decision to establish an in-house processing centre was the epitome of the Swedbank group strategy in retail business. The in-house processing centre will allow us to create and offer our customers new and unique products for the market."

“When asked why this technical solution was chosen I can say in brief, that in our opinion, this is the best match for value and quality. We were interested in a highly flexible solution that would be relatively easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure of the bank. The comprehensive number of communication protocols available and a well developed API platform currently help us in our work considerably. Also, we shouldn’t forget the examples of similar solutions. The combination of all these factors led us to choose Compass Plus and its TranzWare solutions.”

The smooth migration strategy chosen by the bank ensures the optimal data volume migration allocation and avoids any interruption in customer service whilst reducing the likelihood of worst-case scenarios. At the same time, this migration type is more difficult to implement for the vendor and the bank, due, in this case, to the customer and acquiring base being located and maintained in several systems, amongst which fault-free interaction must be established (in this circumstance, with the processing system Arcsys from the First Ukrainian International Bank). Challenges raised within the project implementation were dealt with successfully: "The main challenge was probably the fact that the project had a tight deadline. We were forced to speed up our partners and equipment and software suppliers and get them to perform technically complex tasks whilst synchronising the work of different outsourced organisations with our own working activity, which was not easy. I think we have coped well" commented Andrey Voronov, Payment Cards and Technology Department Director.

Currently Swedbank has implemented and successfully operates the following solutions from Compass Plus: TranzWare CMS, TranzWare Online, TranzWare Card Factory, TranzWare Messaging Gate, TranzWare POI, TranzWare Interchange and TranzWare Fraud Analyzer.

Swedbank, Ukraine, is a part of the Swedish group Swedbank. The Bank has status Principal Member status from Visa and MasterCard, has deployed nearly 200 ATMs and 500 POS-terminals and issued more than 400,000 cards.

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