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centreinvestCenter-Invest Bank has completed the implementation of its new remote banking service, Internet Banking built on the TranzWare e-Bank solution from Compass Plus, an additional module of the TranzWare Online processing system. The bank has currently completed the comprehensive testing of the new service and a contract template for customers. TranzWare e-Bank is scheduled to be launched into commercial operation in the near future, after which the new feature will be available to the bank’s customers who have requested the relevant application.

Sergey Kukhtenkov, Deputy Head of the Bank’s Plastic Card Department, commented:

“At the moment Center-Invest Bank is concluding the final stage of the implementation of a solution from Compass Plus called TranzWare e-Bank. The introduction of this product will allow the bank to offer our customers new and essential innovative remote banking services:
- Online cards: with this new service, a customer can independently create a virtual card and define the limitations for it, enhancing the security of electronic payments;
- Payments planning: using the Internet application, customers will be able to configure payment templates, as well as create schedules to initiate automatic payments;
- Receive help with regards to debt under the credit agreement;
- Account statements, including a list of card transactions and all cashless and administrative operations performed on the card account and the card itself;
- And many other financial services which will make customers independent from banking hours, which ultimately creates more convenience for the customer and increases the bank’s competitiveness in the market”.

Center-Invest Bank has been a customer with Compass Plus since 2006. Within this rather short time span, the bank has managed to build, debug and launch its own in-house personalisation centre and processing centre to meet all functional requirements of the bank and has become fully integrated with internal information systems.

Commercial Bank Center-invest is the largest financial institution in Rostov Region, accounting for more than one third of the total capital and over 40% of assets, credit exposures and deposits of regional banks. The bank’s network comprises of over 120 branches, minor offices, and cash desks and 180 ATMs. Center-Invest is an Associate Member of Visa and an Affiliate Member of MasterCard.

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