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kredituralCredit Ural Bank (GasPromBank Group), Russia, can now ensure 24 hour fraud monitoring and analysis of card and terminal activity for its sponsored banks. The bank currently uses TranzWare Fraud Analyzer for this purpose, providing the bank with the capability to detect and prevent fraud and to ensure efficient preventive risk management, which enables banks to minimise fraud risk. The system has a set of standard rules and algorithms, as well as tools to enable their customization, and to create new rules in order to react appropriately to dynamic fraud schemes. In terms of acquiring transactions, the system can provide specific controls for newly added retailers, with 24 hour notification to issuers with regards to any suspicious transactions, as well as the direct blocking of POS transactions. In terms of issuing transactions, the system examines the customer’s behavior model and appropriate measures are taken to prevent fraudulent card transactions with accordance to deviations from normal activity.

According to Mr. A. Parshin, Head of Bank Cards Department at Credit Ural Bank, TranzWare Fraud Analyzer enables the bank to detect and prevent up to 90% of all fraudulent activity.

Credit Ural Bank is one of the largest banks in the Chelyabinsk Region and has been ranked among the largest Russian banks over a long period of time. The bank has had Principal Member Status in Visa International and MasterCard since 2000.

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