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bCompassPlusCompass Plus has launched into production one of its recent developments, an efficient ATM cash replenishment solution called TranzWare Cash Planning at its in-house processing centre. TranzWare Cash Planning supplies bank personnel with complete, up-to-date analytical information with regards to the cash status in all the ATMs in a network and advises on the appropriate actions, timetables, etc. This information can be used to make informed decisions on amounts loaded into the ATMs and to find the right balance between the cash loading costs and expenses associated with the idle cash.

TranzWare Cash Planning is currently available to all banks which have their ATMs operating through the Compass Plus Processing Centre. These banks now have an opportunity to exploit this functionality on a regular basis and may be supplied with remote workstations enabling direct access to the system.

Currently, several processing centres are going through a pilot run of TranzWare Cash Planning, and in some cases the product has been integrated with the third party processing solutions.

The Compass Plus Processing Centre provides a single-source connection to robust payment processing services, helps reduce start-up and running costs and enables companies to rapidly enter the market and promote new products and services.

The Processing Centre is one of the largest independent processors in Russia and has Third Party Processor and Member Service Provider status in Visa and MasterCard payment systems respectively. The Processing Centre runs exclusively on advanced, state-of-the-art software products from the TranzWare family and delivers support to more than 20 financial institutions in several countries.

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