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Akcionernyi-Bank-KLIRINGOVYI-DOMOn 19th March 2008 JSB "Clearing House" launched its own in-house processing centre built on Compass Plus’ TranzWare Online, TranzWare POI FIMI, TranzWare Interchange. Previously, the bank had already launched its own personalization centre based on the Compass Plus product TranzWare Card Factory where the first cards have already been issued.

The head of the bank’s processing centre Vitalii Bilan noted: "Migration to our own processing centre was the logical result of many years of collaboration and vast work, accomplished by both specialists of the bank and Compass Plus. The solution to create our own processing centre was accepted by the bank a year ago after the refusal of PrivatBank to continue with the sponsor programme. Contracts to deliver and implement TranzWare software were signed at the end of October 2007 and by mid December the specialists of the company had established all their program products.

Practically within a month, the bank together with Compass Plus developed and tested a technological scheme of phased migration on their own processing centre and in the beginning of February we were to begin migration, but timescales were shifted due to formalities in the migration process. Now I can say with complete confidence that we were not mistaken in using Compass Plus to realise our project. TranzWare Online, the front-office system completely realised our expectations of being a flexible and universal tool, capable of satisfying all our needs, first and foremost, to accomplish migration step by step without allowing inconveniences in servicing both the payment cards of our own and others clients ".

JSB "Clearing House" became the 4th client of Compass Plus in the Ukraine with its own processing centre built on the TranzWare product family.

JSB “Clearing House” is a dynamically developing, universal Ukrainian bank, which is an associated member of the VISA international payment system. JSB "Clearing House" has already issued over 20 thousand cards and has a terminal network of more than 30 ATMs and also has an actively developed network of POS- terminals.

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