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nautilusCompass Plus awarded compliance certificate to Nautilus Hyosung Inc’s ATM software. The ATM protocol NTNTerm version 04.01.04 developed by Nautilus Hyosung Inc. has demonstrated full compliance with the TranzWare Online system version under DDC Protocol version 2.0

Nautilus Hyosung Inc., a provider of complete solutions in hardware, software and electronic banking services to the financial services and an ATM supplier for Alliance Bank (a Compass Plus client), was successfully certified for magnetic stripe cards and EMV cards to perform the following operations: ATM withdrawal, ATM reversal, balance inquiry, mini-statement, PIN change, payment for vendors, free payment, transfer, P2P.

As a result of the certification Nautilus Hyosung Inc., can now be recommended as a skilled and highly qualified Vendor.

Certification was carried out in record time (one week), partly due to the high qualification of specialists at Nautilus Hyosung Inc. and was conducted in Nautilus Hyosung Inc.’s Kazakhstan branch with the help of General Manager of Nautilus Hyosung Inc., Jum Namkung who made the following comments about the collaboration: “Compass Plus has supported all technical and administrative needs outstandingly and responded with great efficiency and effectively to all requests through its high level, expert personnel.”

Compass Plus’ new advancement with Nautilus Hyosung Inc. extends the line of supported ATMs within the TranzWare product range. At present, Compass Plus and Nautilus Hyosung look to further strengthen their partnership and are hoping to achieve compliance under the NDC protocol.

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