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bTemirTemirbank (Kazakhstan) completed certification of its in-house processing centre built on Compass Plus TranzWare products in the VISA payment system. The Bank has transferred their ATM and POS terminal network as well as their VISA card authorisation base from its sponsor bank (Halyk Bank) to its own processing centre.

Temirbank ranks as one of the ten largest banks in Kazakhstan and their business strategy is geared towards mass marketing to public sector, first and foremost, towards consumer crediting. The launch of own in-house processing centre will make it possible to substantially increase the efficiency of issuing and managing credits. Now clients of Temirbank can independently abate credit through a network of ATMs with the cash-in function as well as at POS terminals connected to the processing centre.

The development of the payment acceptance network will allow Temirbank to rapidly improve customer service and increase customer base with minimum expenditure. Before the end of the year the Bank is planning to connect over 300 ATMs and 100 payment kiosks to the processing centre.

The Director of Temirbank’s IT Department said the following about Compass Plus’ Tranzware product suite:

By implementing Compass Plus products, Temirbank sought not only to become a member of the prestigious club of processing centre owners, but also to resolve technological problems which arose in 2006 in connection with the concentration on the retail segment of the financial market. Our choice of supplier proved very successful; not only did we begin card processing within the shortest period of time, but with the aid of Compass Plus we developed a group of specialists in card technologies from novices in this area. The TranzWare system’s interfaces allowed us to set up online interaction between the processing centre and the banking system. The processing centre considerably enlarged the spectrum of service channels for retail customers (ATMs, POS-terminals, information and payment kiosks, mobile and Internet banking). It also gave us a good technological base for the development of Temirbank’s retail business.

Temirbank is now Compass Plus’ second client in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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