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Alliance-Bank_eng-ConvertedAlliance Bank (Kazakhstan) completed its transition to a direct connection to VISA International with the technological support of Compass Plus.

In November 2006 Alliance Bank received the Principal Member status in VISA payment system, which marked the beginning of the transition to its independent processing of VISA card transactions. By the 21st of May 2007 the Bank was certified in issuing, ATM and POS acquiring (including VSDC) as well as in clearing programmes.

The new status in the VISA payment system will allow Alliance Bank to offer its customers cheaper, yet more convenient banking services as well as promoting the widening of the card products and services range.

The progress of the Alliance Bank project development:
In 2005 Alliance Bank launched a SMS-based messaging service built on TranzWare products from Compass Plus. In June 2006 the Bank connected the first ATM to its own in-house processing centre also built on TranzWare products. Currently, the system has over 200 ATMs connected to it. Around the same time the Bank began connecting POS terminals to its processing centre. In August 2006 Alliance Bank launched its own personalisation centre utilising TranzWare products (prior to this the Bank used its own system to issue cards). This enabled the Bank to make significant savings when issuing cards and considerably shorten card issuing times. Today, all cards are personalised in-house. Currently, Alliance Bank has over 100,000 cards in circulation. In December last year the Bank launched a new consumer crediting programme where the credit is available via “VISA Instant Issue” cards.

The Alliance Bank has plans for the considerable increase of its cardholder base and the widening of ATM and self-service terminal networks. Such a strategy will make the bank’s retail business more technology oriented and therefore, more convenient for its customers.

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