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bCompassPlusCompass Plus took park in Wincor World 2007 in Paderborn, Germany. Conference and exhibition Wincor World 2007 provided its visitors with a precise orientation to holistic, state-of-the-art IT solutions that enable banks and retail companies to continue on their path to success. Over seven thousand IT decision makers from 88 countries’ banking and retail sectors have participated in the event.

Compass Plus in cooperation with BS/2 (Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos) have demonstrated Wincor Nixdorf ProCash 2100xe with CCDM, connected to the TranzWare Online processing system. On this model the companies have implemented a large number of operations that do not require usage of a bank card. The visitors to the exhibition could try out various card-less transactions, such as payments for public utility services, different network services as well as currency exchange operations.

In collaboration with BS/4 Compass Plus have presented ProPrint 1000/2000 – self-service kiosk, which was also connected to the TranzWare Online processing system (via BS/4 terminal server) and enabled clients to access and manage their bank accounts. In effect, the kiosk provided access to the TranzWare eBank subsystem (Internet banking), which facilitates not only statements viewing and printing but also performing such operations as fund transfers between accounts (including currency conversion option), payments for various services, limit changes, virtual card generation and many other transactions. This solution has attracted particular interest from a great number of bank representatives from around the world.

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