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TestimonialsWith more than 25 years experience in the payments industry, Compass Plus still holds an impressive 100% customer retention rate. Please see below for a number of customer testimonials demonstrating first hand, our expertise and professionalism in the industry.

“Coming from a legacy in-house environment, we were pleasantly surprised with the range of functionalities supported by the TranzWare suite – it is extremely broad and offers an end-to-end card management environment with a vast set of features. In addition to being highly parameterized so as to require little customization and offering strong user empowerment tools, the TranzWare products we use are all highly robust and demonstrate high performance.”

“From the first stage of project implementation we realised how right our choice was. The combination of Compass Plus’ solutions and highly skilled project team allow us to be one step ahead of all banks in our region. That is what provides us with complete confidence in our future and allows us to build long-term plans for the years ahead.”
City Bank, Bangladesh

“We strongly believe that in our case customer-vendor relationship is not enough. We are looking for long-term partners, who are able to see beyond immediate profits, provide us not just the technical workforce, but expertise and timely advice and help us be one step ahead of the competition. The fact, that we share such vision with Compass Plus was our primary driver to choose them as our vendor-partner.”
Network International, Egypt

“We found the approach Compass Plus took very useful. It begins with the customer; if you know what you want and can define and express it to your project manager with enough detail and clarity. I have been unable to find a situation that Compass Plus could not respond to with the exact solution I needed."
GPC, Antigua

“Owning a comprehensive in-house processing centre is one of the most important components for the implementation of our innovative project and the achievement of an absolute competitive advantage. Choosing a software package, we not only relied on our previous positive experience with Compass Plus, but also carefully studied the proposals from other leading vendors. According to the results of the analysis, Compass Plus reaffirmed their leadership in the market. It was of fundamental importance for us to have the guarantee of fast implementation of the complex integration project, including online interaction of with other systems of the bank.”
InBank, Russia

“The solutions that Compass Plus provided for our processing centre proved both multi-functional and flexible enough to tailor to any of the Bank’s requirements. One of the especially interesting functionalities is the ability to manage attributes of a transaction at any given stage (courtesy of TranzWare Online Algorithmix). The scalable architecture of the TranzWare suite allows for increase in the system’s productivity without significant expenditure on hardware. Compass Plus has built a good support system for its clients, which makes it possible for the most complex of problems to be solved rapidly and professionally whilst taking into account the opinions and needs of their clients. The company’s staff are always ready to assist us with the introduction of new program modules and solutions. Liberty Bank is tightly connected with Compass Plus in a long-term partnership. The bank is focusing on introducing and developing the most advanced card technologies across Georgia. Meeting the bank’s goals and its success will, in many respects, depend upon Compass Plus.”
Liberty Bank, Georgia

“The choice of a new platform for the processing system was not easy because there are several solutions with similar sets of functional capabilities and features in the market. The key factors in favour of Compass Plus were:
1. Advanced capabilities combined to ensure the productivity of the system;
2. High level of fault tolerance and continuous operation of the system including operation during scheduled updates;
3. Possibility of receiving maximum number of required systems from one vendor and significantly decreasing the number of responsibility centers.
Instead of module-by-module implementation, we have chosen the most challenging method of a one-step launch of the entire production cycle within TranzWare systems and the step-by-step switching of our customers to a new platform. With the high professionalism of both teams and the advanced capabilities of TranzWare product architecture, we were successful with this project and the entire operation cycle of one of our customer banks is currently being serviced in this new processing system. The results achieved in such a short period of time and the experience of working with Compass Plus has confirmed the right choice was made by our company and this has enabled us to regard our future plans with enthusiasm. We believe that not only will we complete the migration process avoiding any inconvenience to customers, but that we have obtained a reliable and flexible toolset that will ensure the development of our company and the leading position in the processing services market within CIS countries.”
MultiCarta, Russia

“Compass Plus is not an ordinary technology vendor. It is really a partner which shares the innovative concept of PrivatBank’s business conduct. This is especially important for us – on one hand, we receive maximum flexibility in the operation of solutions and an opportunity to do many developments ourselves. On the other hand, the company willingly responds to our initiatives, the implementation of which requires more serious development. One example of such cooperation is the creation of an analytical system of fraud detection named TranzWare Fraud Analyzer. At the time, we were unable to find a readily available solution in the market that met our requirements: existence of integration tools, configuration of monitoring rules, etc.The company developed such a system for us, and today TranzWare Fraud Analyzer effectively assists PrivatBank in fighting card fraud. Over the years, the company has proved to be a reliable partner, which we consider strategic for the development of the retail business of the Privat banking group. I am sure that in tandem with Compass Plus we will adequately take on the challenges imposed by the dynamic banking market.”
PrivatBank, Ukraine

“Compass Plus has provided us with an EFT solution, which has satisfied all our needs at both the initial and all subsequent stages of the project. Today we see Compass Plus not just as the vendor of software for our processing centre; Compass Plus is our long term strategic partner. During our years of partnership the company has proved time after time the competence of their professional team providing complete support and guaranteeing the delivery of solution to business-problems of any complexity, which of course also means the growth of our business as a whole.”
Quipu, Germany

“Compass Plus not only offered a complete solution that met our requirements, but also ensured the shortest implementation time which is just as important to us. We signed contracts in August and already had our first cards issued by 1st December. Compass Plus has dealt successfully with this task and we are now working together to extend the product line in order to offer our customers deposit products and Internet banking.”
Tatsotsbank, Tatarstan

“Iraq is a very up-and-coming country within the financial sector. As a key part of the Iraqi Banking Sector, Warka Bank are working hard to be the number one financial institution in all fields of the industry, especially within the e-services hub, which is the future of the business. Our experience with Compass Plus commenced when we decided to become a MasterCard member,they provided us with excellent support in migrating our existing card base and terminal network to the TranzWare system. Their professional team, who completed MasterCard certification in a new record time for the MENA region, worked with us as partners in achieving our goals using their TranzWare products, which cover all expectations any bank or processor may have. I think this is what makes the difference, giving Compass Plus customers a competitive edge.”
Warka Bank, Iraq

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