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customersCompass Plus provides comprehensive, integrated and flexible software and services that help financial institutions meet rapidly changing market demands. Our diverse customer base is comprised over retail banks, processing centres, national switches and personalisation centres in countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America. A sample of our customers has been supplied below to provide an insight into the types of companies we have relationships with.



Established in 1988, the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) has become one of the country’s leading commercial banks, playing an important role within capital investment in developing the agricultural and rural economy. Agribank is the largest bank in Vietnam in terms of capital, assets, staff and number of customers. It has a service network of more than 2,300 branches and transaction offices in 92 countries and territories, 2,000 ATMs, and approximately 6,000 POS terminals, with a customer base that includes over 10 million agricultural households and 30,000 enterprises.

Website: www.agribank10.vn

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China Bank


China Bank offers a complete range of deposit, lending, international and investment banking products and services to corporate, commercial, and retail customers. It is one of the most respected, trusted, stable and profitable FIs in the Philippines. They have over 195,000 cardholders, 500 branches and approximately 1,000 ATMs.

Website: http://www.chinabank.ph/personal.aspx



ForteBank Joint Stock Company is one of the leading banks in Kazakhstan which has been successfully providing the banking services for more than 20 years. Today ForteBank JSC is the tenth largest bank in terms of assets in Kazakhstan, developing as a universal financial institution in all business segments, primarily focusing on the retail market and SME lending. The bank has an extensive branch network including 19 branches and 145 cash offices in 39 cities and rural settlements of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ForteBank JSC also has an extensive acquiring network, which accounts for 700 ATMs, including 200 cash-in ATMs, 200 POS-terminals cash points and 1000 POS-terminals in the trade and service outlets.

Website: www.fortebank.com/en

Global Processing Centre (GPC)


Founded in 2007 in Antigua, Global Processing Centre (GPC) is the third largest processing centre in the Caribbean region.  Having initially serviced clients requiring private label prepaid card products, GPC has now positioned itself as a bank neutral processor, providing a turnkey processing solution for financial institutions, their merchants and service providers. The strategic vision of the GPC management team is to fulfil traditional payment processing needs, as well as enabling financial institutions, vendors and end users to participate in a number of emerging payment projects - including mobile and NFC payments, e-wallets and e-government solutions.

Website: www.gpcantigua.com

IT Consultants Limited


Established in 2001, IT Consultants Limited (ITCL) is the only licensed Payment Service Operator (PSO) in Bangladesh authorised and approved by the Central Bank of Bangladesh. It is also the only domestic payment gateway to be PCI DSS certified. ITCL provides a variety of payment solutions including debit and credit card operating and processing, chip and magnetic stripe card personalisation, compliance on ATM (Wincor Nixdorf) installation and maintenance, POS terminal installation and maintenance, as well as transaction processing. ITCL also provides consultancy to financial institutions on certifications and Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay for both issuer and acquirer licenses. ITCL has more than 30 member banks and boasts the largest ATM network in Bangladesh. 

Website: www.itcbd.com

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Kapital Bank


As successor to Sberbank, Kapital Bank has more than 140 years of commercial activity. The bank was privatised in 2005 and became the largest privately-owned bank in Azerbaijan. Kapital Bank provides a wide range of banking services, both for corporate clients and individuals, and is in charge of a project that covers the payment of state pensions, salaries and benefits in the country. It has the largest branch network  across Azerbaijan  with approximately 100 branches, and also has 500 ATMs, 3,000 POS terminals and more than two million cards in circulation.

Website: www.kapitalbank.az/en/

KCB Bank


Kenya Commercial Bank is one of the largest banks in the country, with more than 170 branches, making it the largest banking network in the region. The Kenyan Government owns 17.74% of the bank. Since 2004, all of the branches in Kenya have been rebranded as part of a wider corporate branding exercise. KCB has partnered with Pesa Point to increase the number of ATM points where customers can access their funds.
Website: http://ke.kcbbankgroup.com/


klarna logo black

Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with the idea to simplify buying. Today Klarna are one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. Klarna Group has more than 1,100 employees and is active in 18 markets. Klarna Serve 45 million consumers and work with 65,000 merchants.

Website: https://www.klarna.com/uk

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Liberty Bank

liberty bank

Established in 2002, Liberty Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Georgia and boasts the most extensive branch network in the country, which comprises of over 200 branches. Liberty Bank won a national tender for servicing all social programmes of the Georgian government in 2005 and currently has over a third of the population as its customers (approximately 1.5 million). Liberty Bank is the largest card issuer in Georgia and has a network of approximately 400 ATMs and 5,000 POS terminals. It is also a Principal Member of Visa.

Website: www.libertybank.ge

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Moscow Industrial Bank

Logo MInB eng

Moscow Industrial Bank (MInB) provides a range of financial services to enterprises acting in a variety of economic industries, as well as local government authorities and to the general public. The bank is amongst the 30 largest Russian credit organisations and has a network of 275 branches located in 29 regions of the Russian Federation, implementing social card projects in several of these regions. It has issued over one million cards, installed over 2,500 ATMs, has more than 16,000 POS terminals and provides services for several thousand trade and service enterprises. MInB also provides sponsor services for other banks.

Website: www.minbank.ru

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MultiСarta Ltd was established in 1994 and has grown to be one of the largest third-party processors in Russia. The company is part of the VTB Group, the second largest banking group in Russia, and counts them as one of their key clients. MultiCarta offers banks and merchants a full range of high-tech services including support of card issuing and acquiring programs, as well as merchant and internet acquiring. MultiСarta currently provides services for more than 60 banks in 7 countries. MultiСarta is certified by Visa and MasterCard and is licensed by the American Express to provide technical support for bank card transactions.

Website: www.multicarta.ru/en/

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Network International

network international

Network International was founded in 1994 and is now the largest acquirer in the UAE and a leading payment solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, servicing more than 70,000 merchant partners and 200 financial institutions across 55 countries. Network provides a robust suite of payment products and services that are constantly on the cutting edge of technology development while ensuring compliance. From planning and designing to developing and operating bespoke solutions, our success stems from the success of our customers, who range from the issuing and acquiring segments of banks, financial institutions, hospitality providers, merchants and online retail operators.

Website: www.network.ae

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Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank (formerly NOMOS-BANK)

otkrities e

Established in 1993, Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank (formerly NOMOS-BANK) is the largest privately-owned bank in Russia and ranks as the fifth largest Russian bank in terms of assets, second amongst Russia’s privately-owned banks. It is also the 15th largest in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of base capital. The bank has an extensive branch network of more than 860 outlets across Russia. Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank's development strategy has always been based on the provision of corporate banking services and as part of this strategy the bank has applied its expertise to salary card projects implemented with corporate clients.

Website: www.otkritie.com/en/business/corporate-bank/

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PrivatBank was founded in 1992 and is now the largest financial institution in Ukraine,counting one in three citizens as its customer. The bank has a service network that spans over 2,500 offices and branches in the country, deploying approximately 7,500 ATMs, 12,00 self-service kiosks and over 100,000 POS terminals, with more than 17 million cards in circulation. The bank possesses a general license from the National Bank of Ukraine for conducting bank transactions, enabling PrivatBank to offera comprehensive range of bank services in the domestic market for corporate and individual clients.

Website: http://en.privatbank.ua/

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Quipu GmbH


Quipu GmbH is an IT consultancy and software development company that provides dedicated support services to financial institutions - primarily to the ProCredit Group, which currently consists of 30 member banks operating in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Germany. The primary activity of Quipu GmbH is the development and implementation of a wide range of software products to cover all essential banking activities, and the provision of processing centre services. It services 18 ProCredit Group banks and five others outside the group. Quipu processes three million transactions per month, and manages a service network of 5,000 POS terminals and around 1,000 ATMs.

Website: www.procredit-holding.com/en/procredit-worldwide/quipu.html

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Switchmaster 110px

SwitchMaster is a Russian-based payment processor which was established in 2011. It provides services for a network of over 35,000 ATMs and self-service kiosks operated by more than 200 banks, together accounting for in excess of 20 million active cards in circulation. SwitchMaster supports traditional services, including cash advance, balance enquiry and bill payments, alongside more advanced capabilities like dispute management, fraud monitoring and prevention and cash optimisation. Account2Account and Card2Card transfers are also supported.One of its largest customers is United Settlement System (USS), a Moscow-based clearing house that consolidates the ATM networks and the cash and payment acceptance points of a number of credit organisations under common technological and financial terms.

Website: www.switchmaster.com

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Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDBM)


Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDBM) was established in 1990 and has become one of the leading banking and financial service providers in Mongolia. It is the oldest bank in Mongolia and offers a full range of services, including corporate, SME and retail banking, deposits, trade finance, remittances, cash management, Internet banking and SMS banking. TDBM acts as a primary lender to the majority of leading corporations in Mongolia as well as to foreign corporations and representative offices across all major industrial and commercial sectors. The bank has a service network of approximately 57 branches, settlement centres and teller counters, 188 ATMs, and approximately 2,102 POS terminals, throughout the country.

Website: www.tdbm.mn/en/

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Unified Payments Services Limited

Unified Payments

Unified Payments Services Limited (formerly Valucard Nigeria Limited) is a card-neutral and opinion-neutral Payment Service Provider founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading  Nigerian banks. Unified Payments, which operates as a shared infrastructure for the banking community in Nigeria and as a Payment Service Provider within and outside the country, has a vision to become the most popular e-payment service provider in Africa. It has contributed to the progress of electronic payments in Nigeria by developing EMV projects for cards and processing, international cards and payments acceptance schemes, as well as reducing ATM fraud in the country by 90%.

Website: www.unifiedpaymentsnigeria.com


Vale Card

Established in 1995, ValeCard offers complete and integrated solutions for management of benefits, financial and fleets. Its benefit program is rated as one of the top five in Brazil and one of the largest in the LAC region, serving approximately 80,000 merchants, 30,000 business and 3m customers.

Wesbite: www.valecard.com.br

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