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Leveraging over 50 years of experience in the development of leading technologies for building large-scale automated systems, amongst which more than 25 are in electronic payments, Compass Plus provides high-tech, business oriented, unique applications amalgamated into a comprehensive product suite for financial institutions, including retail banks and payment processors across the globe. As a mid-size company, Compass Plus can offer a product range to rival any long-standing industry leader, without compromising the quality of customer relationships and getting lost in a maze of corporate bureaucracy.

Our objective
For financial institutions, who operate in complex and rapidly changing business and technology environments, Compass Plus provides proven software and services, which allow customers to improve their competitive position by implementing flexible systems that meet market demands. Unlike vendors with expensive, fragmented offerings and a slow time to market, Compass Plus builds and quickly implements integrated payment technologies that give customers greater market agility and ensure return on their technology investments.

Our customers
Compass Plus has a diverse customer base which includes retail banks, processing centres, national switches and personalisation centres in dozens of countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America.

Our product range
TranzWare™ product suite has a highly integrated, modular architecture that enables tailor-made solutions with no idle components or excess capacity ensuring our customers optimise financial return. However, TranzWare products are exceptionally scalable and ready to support and enhance impending business growth. Placing security, availability and market requirements amongst the key product attributes, Compass Plus is committed to complying with PA-DSS, to ensuring fault-tolerance and quality control, to delivering regular product updates and to enabling the overall market readiness of our product range. TranzWare is trusted around the world to process 10 billion transactions a year, drive 85,000 ATMs, 660,000 POS terminals and support over 250 million cards.

Our strengths

  • Compass Plus offers a complete and comprehensive range of electronic payment solutions with our back office system – TranzWare CMS, enabling additional retail banking functionality
  • Compass Plus invests heavily in R&D which is reflected in our innovative and unique product range
  • Each new TranzWare product and functionality is commercially tested in our certified (TPP and MSP) processing centre before being released into the market
  • Various software deployment options are available: be it purchasing a software licence, implementing SaaS or full outsourcing
  • We have global experience in project implementation, management, support and consulting
  • Compass Plus has a proven track record of exceptional project implementation speeds, with some customers commercially launching a certified processing centre as well as a personalisation centre in under three months from contract signature. Both AmEx and MasterCard have commended Compass Plus for the fastest ever certification in Bangladesh and the MENA region respectively
  • We have very low staff turnover leading to highly skilled, experienced and trusted personnel that have built strong customer relationships and have a thorough understanding of their business
  • To date Compass Plus has grown organically ensuring organisational coherence on one hand and seamless integration of our products on the other
  • Compass Plus has an impressive 100% customer retention rate

Our people
Compass Plus employs over 480 highly skilled specialists across the globe with our Global Sales and Marketing Headquarters located in the United Kingdom, Research and Development Headquarters located in Russia (Magnitogorsk) and additional offices in USA, Brazil, Russia (Moscow), Malaysia and Jordan.

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